In 2014, govt to start auction of mining areas

Beginning in 2014, the Energy and Mineral Resources will auction mining concession areas to ensure transparency and fairness in the provision of mining contracts to investors, Investor Daily reported on Monday.

Director General of Coal and Mineral Thamrin Sihite said in Jakarta last week that the change in the issuance of the mining permits which are now carried out through application would start after the government’s mapping program in the mining sector was completed next year.

"Just like in oil and gas sector, the mining areas will also be auctioned," he said, adding that the mining areas to be auctioned should be free from overlapping problems.

At present, the government is conducting a mapping program in the country’s mining sector in order to collect the actual data of the mining areas, and in order to solve the overlapping problems which have often caused prolonged mining conflicts.

Thamrin said at present 5,124 mining permits issued to mining companies have received a clean and clear status meaning that they have complied with the existing procedures and free from overlapping problems. As many as 3,084 of the total licenses were issued for mineral exploration and the other 2,040 licenses for coal exploration.

The mining permits which have not received the clean and clear status reach a total of 5,124 permits comprising of 3,771 permits for mineral exploration and 1,794 permits for coal exploration.

source www.petromindo.com
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