Govt to continue clean and clear program

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry said that it would continue its clean and clear program despite the criticism from the newly established mining association Aspperda that the mining audit activity violated the power of the local governments, Kontan reported on Friday.

Dede I Suhendar, the director for mining at the ministry, said in Jakarta on Thursday the clean and clear program would not overstep the local governments autonomy as it was conducted only to ensure that all mining operations in the country comply with the mining law.

Dede said that the clean and clear program conducted as part of the governments program to audit all the mining permits since last year was needed in order resolve overlapping mining areas.

"If the clean and clear program is not conducted, the mess at the mining sector will continue because there are often more than two permits issued on the same mining area," he said.

The newly established association of local mining companies (Aspperda) said earlier that the central governments clean and clear program carried out through the ministry oversteps the authority of the local governments, which issued the mining permits.

According to the ministry, only a half of 10,780 holders of mining permits have obtained a clean and clear status. The status is needed to allow mining companies to carry out their exploration works. Miners which have already in operation should also obtain a clean and clear status in order to be able to apply for export permits.

source www.petromindo.com

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