Government grants C&C status for 53 IUPs

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The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has granted a "Clean and Clear" (C&C) status for another group of 53 mining business permits (IUPs).

In an announcement issued on Wednesday, the ministry said that the IUP holders are given 30 days to submit all the necessary requirements based on their activity stage if they want to obtain the C&C certificate.

The 53 IUPs have met the requirements set in Law No 4/2009 and Government Regulation No 23/2010 including there is no overlapping of IUP area and the IUP documents are in accordance with the regulations.

All IUPs with CnC status are obliged to complete all requirements based on activity stage. For exploration stage, IUP holders have to submit land rent receipt and exploration report.

While for exploitation stage, IUP holders have to submit UKL UPL /AMDAL approval and the supporting documents. In addition, they have to submit complete exploration and feasibility study report, lend rent and royalties receipts.

Since the past couple of years, the government has been making verification of thousands of IUPs issued during the past mining boom by regional governments. The move is part of efforts to sort out the administrative mess as many of the IUPs were issued without proper regards to existing regulations, and are saddled with overlapping problems. The first batch of IUPs granted with the C&C status was made in July 2011.

Please click here to download the full list of 53 mining business permits

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