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Govt announces CnC status for 454 IUPs

The Directorate General of Mineral and Coal at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources announced on Friday the Clear and Clean (CnC) status for 454 mining business permits

2 Years Of Britmindo At IAC Project

The Principals and Management of PT Britmindo would like to congratulate the Operations Division for providing 2 years Mine Management Services to our client PT. IAC

Govt plans to increase coal royalty

The government plans to increase the royalty of coal produced by coal mining companies operating under IUP mining permits to 10 percent of net sales from a range of 3 percent and 7 percent at present

China threatens embargo on low-CV thermal coal

Chinas National Energy Administration (NEA) is framing a policy to curb import of low grade thermal and coking coal by imposition of import ban to address the problem of poor air quality in Chinese

Govt to continue clean and clear program

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry said that it would continue its clean and clear program despite the criticism from the newly established mining association

Triaryani to start commercial operation

South Sumatra coal miner PT Triaryani is expected to start commercial production in the second half of this year from its mine in Musi Rawas regency, a company official told Petromindo.Com

In 2014, govt to start auction of mining areas

Beginning in 2014, the Energy and Mineral Resources will auction mining concession areas to ensure transparency and fairness in the provision of mining contracts to investors

Opinion: New restrictions introduced for mining projects

It has long been the case that Indonesias forestry regulations generally permitted mining activities (i.e., coal and mineral mining, geothermal, and oil and gas) in Production Forest areas

Govt grants "clean and clear" status to another 382 IUPs

The government has once again granted "clean and clear" status to mining business permits of coal and mineral mining companies that have no overlapping areas with any other mining permit holder

Opinion: Constitutional Court goes into bat for Regional Autonomy in m ...

Not long after its recent decision reaffirming tight State control of the upstream oil and gas sector, the Constitutional Court has recently issued a decision finding in favour of Regional Government