Mine Management Services

Mine Management Services

Assisting mine owners and/or mining contractors to efficiently manage all facets of mine production from land clearing through to barge loading:

Mine Operation Management

Britmindo Jasa Utama has established management teams to maximize productivity and utilize available time to mine coal safely to the scheduled planning sequence. Britmindo Jasa Utama uses daily production meetings, tool box meetings, short interval controls and field check lists to ensure that production is monitored and controlled at all times in achieving production targets.

Britmindo Jasa Utama provides both long and short term mine plans and will ensure the proper implementation to meet coal sales.

Quality Control Management

Britmindo Jasa Utama has established standard operating procedures (SOPs) for maximising the recovery of the coal reserves with minimum contamination and can provide an experienced team of mining geologists to assist any coal mine to improve its revenue potential.

Coal Chain Management

Britmindo Jasa Utama can provide experienced management to operate and maintain the coal process chain to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of coal to the correct specification required by coal buyers.

PTBA preparing for 60m tons coal production

An IDX-listed coal mining and energy company PT Bukit Asam Tbk or PTBA is preparing for coal production increase up to 60 million tons per year by 2023. The state-owned company is developing a number