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Interview: Market outlook seems to be stable

The coal market is expected to be stable this year as there is no extreme market disruption. Bob Kamandanu, Chairman of PT Trafigura Indonesia, talked with recently about his perspectiv

Interview: Indonesia firmer on coal domestic market obligation: I ...

Singapore — The Indonesian government is taking a firmer approach to control thermal coal production this year, to ensure the domestic market obligation, or DMO, requirement is met, Indonesian Coal ...

PTBA preparing for 60m tons coal production

An IDX-listed coal mining and energy company PT Bukit Asam Tbk or PTBA is preparing for coal production increase up to 60 million tons per year by 2023. The state-owned company is developing a number

Boosting domestic coal consumption

Coal is expected to remain the most affordable and available energy source in Indonesia in years to come. In fact, coal contributes more than 50 percent of energy mix until 2028, according to PLN’s ...

ICI 4 coal derivatives prices strengthen

The ICI 4 thermal coal derivatives market showed further signs of strengthening, with a 15,000t March contract trading at a higher price to a similar transaction done earlier this week.

Government sets higher 2019 coal DMO volume target

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has set coal domestic market obligation (DMO) volume for this year at 128 million tons, higher than last year’s realized DMO volume of 115.09 million ton ...

Government to increase royalty of major coal miners

The government plans to increase the royalty tariff of major coal miners in the country in a bid to increase state revenue, Bisnis Indonesia reported on Wednesday.

Indonesian coal derivatives show signs of strengthening

Indonesian thermal coal derivatives showed further signs of strengthening today, in line with a firming physical market. In the ICI 4 derivatives market, 5,000t of January contracts were brokered b ...

Viewpoint: China coal supply may increase in 2019

Chinas domestic coal supplies are likely to increase this year, as the country brings more efficient, advanced coal capacity on line, while pressure to cut capacity at older mines tapers off.

Viewpoint: Indonesian coal sellers plan amid volatility

Regulatory obstacles in Indonesia could hamper coal production in 2019 and uncertainty about Chinas import policy could also curb exports, even though a number of producers have announced tentative p