Mining in a Day Seminar, April 20, 2017, Presentation Materials

  1. Coal Exploration Potential of Indonesia - Daniel Madre
  2. Mineral Exploration Potential of Indonesia - Tobias Maya
  3. Advanced Exploration Techniques - Tabias Maya
  4. Preparing A New Era Of The Mining License - Eva Armelia
  5. Sonic Drilling Technology - PT Servita
  6. Public Reporting (JORC / KCMI) - Grant V Heerden
  7. Mine Planning, Modeling & Design - Frans Satrio
  8. The Benefits Of A Comprehensive Mine Management Solution - Stephen Nye
  9. Operational Efficiencies & Improvements - Sean Pellow
  10. Mine Haul Road Solutions And Cost Benefits - Terry Loadsman
  11. BFS to Construction Through EPC "You Never Walk Alone" - Jose & Inigo
  12. Highwall Mining / Auger Mining & Underground Mining - Hitech Mining
  13. Dura-Base Composite Mats - Kyle Larson
  14. Design and Construction of a Mining Haul Road - Dr. R Yeo
  15. Transport of Mineral - Feluwa
  16. Video Mining in a day

Mining in a Day Seminar 1 Sept 2015, Presentation Materials

  1. Coal Geological Modeling_Kartika Dwi Handayani
  2. Counteracting Falling Coal Price by Improvements in Efficiency_Sean T. Pellow
  3. GIS Services_Andy Gusty Rangga
  4. Mine Closure & Rehabilitation Excellence_Donald Nuske
  5. Mine Management Services_Stephen Nye
  6. Pit Optimisation Exercise for JORC 2012 Resource and Reserve Estimation_Frans Satrio
  7. Mine Production Management_Ben Farquharson
  8. QCC Resources Introduction_Ian Anderberg
  9. QCC Resources Mining in a Day_Ian Anderberg

PTBA preparing for 60m tons coal production

An IDX-listed coal mining and energy company PT Bukit Asam Tbk or PTBA is preparing for coal production increase up to 60 million tons per year by 2023. The state-owned company is developing a number