Specialised services provided by BRITMINDO range from JORC assessments, Technical Studies and Cost Evaluations, Operational Mining Audits and Confidential Due Diligence Reports for a range of International and Local Clients. BRITMINDO also provides services in Mine Management and Mine Planning utilizing Minescape, Minex and XPAC softwares.


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Indonesian high CV thermal coal still commands premium in Japan

Indonesian high-grade thermal coal sold on term contract is still commanding a premium in Japan to Australian supply, even as more Japanese buyers tap the spot market for lower prices.

Britmindo Group enters into association agreement with PT Danmar Explo ...

PT Danmar Explorindo, PT Geo Search, and the Britmindo Group and have decided to combine their resources and expertise to provide the Indonesian coal and mineral industry with a complete range of serv

MEMR grants C&C status to 168 mining firms

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) said it has granted the so-called C&C status for another group of 168 miners holding the IUP mining business license, both coal and mineral.

Coal reference price for July set at $59.16

The government set its coal reference price (HBA) for July 2015 at US$59.16 per ton FOB, lower than $59.59 per ton set in June.

Government presses ahead with coal royalty hike plan

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is pressing ahead with plans to increase the coal royalty tariff despite strong protest from miners, Bisnis Indonesia reported on Tuesday.

Britmindo Group of Companies announces new "Head of Technical Services ...

Following the untimely passing of the Britmindo Company Founder, Mr Alan Nye, the Britmindo Group has undergone a restructure of the Technical Services Division.