The Importance of a Good Coal Processing Plant (CPP) Management

At the heart of any coal mining operation is the coal processing plant (CPP) where all clients specific requirements are met. Aside from impurities and dilutions, improper mining and coal getting are among the challenges that have to be tackled in an inter-linked process of coal crushing and port management to meet the shipping deadlines. The process has to be economically viable, safe and reliable to ensure maximum profit.

Our dedicated on-site team will serve you on-site to set up overall plant management activities including the backbone of the plant operation, the maintenance. Our team will monitor the operation and the performance to provide added value and profitability for you.

Britmindo Solutions

Our broad range of services covers all your CPP operation and maintenance needs including setting up the necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Our operation and processing services include: Evaluation and improvement of operational and/ or processing management systems, utilization improvement, coal stockpile management, coal chain management, coal quality and blending management, production reporting against agreed KPIs.

The maintenance services include: Evaluation and improvement of maintenance management systems, availability improvement, condition monitoring, preventive maintenance strategy, Planning, scheduling and KPI Reporting, Critical parts inventory, maintenance and shutdown management, Plant design upgrading, Logistic and procurement.

Aside from the services, we can provide a total package of design, fabrication and installation of CPP Plants inclusive of Natural and Dense Media Coal Wash Plants. The package would not only include crushing plant operations with high availability, but also coal chain management and coal handling, stockpile management, quality monitoring and blending management during the period of any assigned contract.