A well managed exploration and development programme is one of the key aspects in determining the resources and reserves which are available to make any coal project viable.

The JORC Code 2012 Edition makes very specific statements in determining the necessary processes and outcomes from the exploration programme in order to comply with the requirements of the Code. It is therefore absolutely essential that the exploration programme is both structured, planned and executed in line with JORC requirements to ensure that the exploration programme determines credible and necessary data for compilation of the JORC reports which follow the exploration process.

Britmindo has the capability of providing full management services for your exploration programme. This covers the entire process from geological mapping through exploration drilling.

Britmindo can provide cost effective management of the exploration processes and procedures including drill hole planning, provision of drilling services and geophysical loggers, drill supervision, monitoring, sampling for analysis to ensure that the process provides credible exploration data outputs, reliable analysis of all data thus giving confidence and credibility in providing the basis of resource and reserve assessments: all of which complies with the requirements of JORC Code 2012 Edition.

Britmindo also provides Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Study Management Services at either development or operational mines.