Government grants C&C status for 61 mining permits

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has granted clear and clean (C&C) status for 61 miners, both minerals and coal, holding the IUP mining business permit and IPR people’s mining license, the ministry’s Directorate General of Mineral and Coal said in a statement obtained Monday.

This is the 13th batch of miners obtaining the C&C status since the first group of firms obtained the status in 2011, after complying with the requirements set in the 2009 Mining Law and Government Regulation No 23/2010 including there is no overlapping of permit in the mining concession, and able to show the necessary proper documents.

The government has introduced the C&C certification in a bid to sort out the mess resulting from the aggressive issuance of mining permits by regional governments after they won autonomy power several years ago. Of the more than 10,000 IUP mining permits, it estimated that only less than half have obtained the C&C certification.

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